Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join 1000Couples?

Here's what you get by signing up for 1000Couples Membership:

  • Your Photo & Love Story stays on the homepage. Forever.
  • You get lifetime membership to our community of 1000 exclusive couples.
  • You get your own web-page to share with your friends.
  • Your friends can share & comment on your page.
  • You get exclusive deals from our travel partners.
  • You get great deals from our fashion & jewellery partners.
  • No Ads. No Gimmicks. No selling of your data.

And TONS of more features!

What else does 1000 Couples do?

There is a plan to build a forum and bring a host of partners to enrich the experience for the community by extending it beyond the internet. Expensive retreats, exclusive access to products & events shall be a regular part of the community.

What are the pricing plans for membership?

There is only paid membership. Membership price will increase by a dollar after every sale. People who buy at higher price will get some additional advantage.

Who is behind this website?

This site is developed and managed by a single indie-founder. Everything on this website from design, content, and coding is done by a single person. The identity is not revealed as of now so that the focus remains more on the website.

What about my privacy?

We will not reveal your email, phone and other contact details on the site. However, your photo and other details shall be displayed. This site is all about people who are open to share information about themselves to the world.

How do I advertise on 1000Couples?

Sorry! We do not support Ads and have no plans to display ads on the website in near future.

How do I get a refund?

Since this is a one-time digital purchase, we will not be in a position to provide you a refund. If you want, you can sell your membership to anybody else and we will help you in transferring the account.

Can I transfer my membership to someone else?

Yes. That is possible. Get in touch with us via

How do I close my account?

Closing an account is possible by sending us an email on

Whom should I contact for media queries?

For any media queries, you can contact us via or send us a direct message on our Twitter account.