2: Donating 50% profits to charity

Published: 01 May 2020

Yes. A total 50% of all profits will go to charity.

The whole idea of this project is to make something really beautiful and romantic on the internet. I think it would be great if we can pass on some goodness to the world too.

Right now, I have zeroed in on "Big Brothers Big Sisters of America" for charity donation. But I will wait for the 1000 Couples to make the final decision through a voting process later on.

While it’s almost nothing compared to the great selfless accomplishments of so many others throughout history, building a meaningful and permanent financial commitment into my startup on Day 1 is a good step forward.

Tentatively, the money for an average $600 spot will be spent on:

  1. $200 will be given to charity
  2. $200 will be re-invested in business to provide more attractive deals to the 1000 customers
  3. $200 will be spent on business operations, ad spend & salary.

1: Launching 1000Couples

Published: 01 May 2020

As with so many things, the ideas that really ‘work’ on the Internet are often the most simple. In fact, they are often the ideas that most people would just discard as being too stupid to even try.

And of course, this doesn’t just apply to the Internet of course — many great inventors/entrepreneurs have been laughed at in the past only to have the last laugh themselves….

Anyways, I have been pondering on one such idea over the past couple of days.

The idea is very simple: To build the “Internet’s Most Romantic Site”.

This idea came to me when I saw many couples posting their lovely pics and messages during the holiday season last month. I thought; let me make a webpage that creates a list of such 1000 people who wish to post a lovely photo and message for their partner.


Thus is born…


The basic concept of is that any person in love can buy space on the home page of the site. The price of the space will increase by a dollar after every sale. There are 1000 Slots / Spaces available for purchase & so if I succeed in selling them all, I will have made more than a cool $600k!

The whole purpose behind building this site was that I promised my wife that we will buy our own house before her 30th birthday which comes around in June this year. So, my mind was continuously working on ideas that would make some extra cash, but that also celebrates the idea of love. I realised that I can make a business out of, as there’s nothing really like it and it offers those in love a unique gift for their significant other. I worked on it for 2 weeks and launched the website. And the rest, as they say, was history. Since I only wanted a small slice of the profit towards our first house, I decided that I will donate 50% of profits to the charity - so that it’s a campaign with a cause too

A modest house comes at around $200,000 in the area I live. Since I want only a small slice of the profit for my personal use, I have decided to donate 50% of profits to the charity. The remaining money will be invested back in the busines to build a great private & exclusive community for the 1000 couples & will shower presents from sponsors to these 1000 Couples.


On the face of it, this is a crazy idea — why would anyone want to pay to put their photo on a page with a thousand other couples? So when I asked a few of my friends about their thoughts on this idea, here’s what they told me about the idea: Original, Stupid, Insane, Brilliant, Dumb, Genius, Crazy. :-)

I thought this could be something crazy enough to work! Because I think people like crazy/quirky ideas especially when they are in love. If this captures people’s imaginations and people check out the site, then the spaces on the homepage will have value — and people will buy them to display their love & make this one of the most beautiful assets on the internet.


That ’s the theory anyway. The way I see it though: I’ve got nothing to lose by trying. And I’m sure it’ll be fun. So, I’ve spent the last few days building the site, registering the domain name, and working out a plan. I love making plans. And here is the result — Check out the freshly made site and don’t hesitate to buy some space or refer it to your friends!

I am trying to generate interest from the press to spread the word about this site in a viral manner with the power of the Internet. I would appreciate if you share it with your friends and family to make this a successful project.

I now have a few more exciting ideas to make 1000Couples more enticing to people so watch this space!